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Product Comparison

SUPARTZ meets your patients' needs

Since the introduction of SUPARTZ in 1987, more than 280 million injections have been prescribed globally. (1) The total number of worldwide injections of competitors' products is more than 64 million. (2) The #1 choice worldwide (2), SUPARTZ has:

Proven efficacy
SUPARTZ was found to be more effective than control in an integrated analysis of 5 prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled and multicenter studies (3,4)

Safety similar to saline placebo
In an integrated analysis of 5 clinical studies, adverse events occurred at similar rates in the patients treated with SUPARTZ and those treated with a saline placebo. (3,4)

Flexible dosing
Still approved for 5 injections, but some patients may benefit from as few as 3 injection treatment courses.

A high level of active ingredient
SUPARTZ delivers up to 125 mg of sodium hyaluronate per 5-injection series.

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